General Information:
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  • PVC Pipe

    We offer a wide range of pumps that suit your needs, from hot water recirculating and booster pumps (Bell & Gossett), Valley Pipe’s own stainless steel transfer pumps ranges 3hp to 30 hp, Tecnicapompe sanitary screw type impeller pumps, Grundfos multi-stages, piston type, rotary lobe, progressive cavity, air operated diaphragm pumps and more.

  • Pressure Gauges, Thermometers & Accessories

    Utility, general purpose, dry or glycerine filled, low pressure gauge, industrial gauge, bi-metal thermometers, thermowells, gauge adapters, pressure snubbers, pulsation dampners, Pete’s plugs, gauge cocks, etc.

    Winters, Marsh, Miljoco, Ashcroft.

  • Pipe Hangers & Supports

    Strut channels and clamps, clevis, ring, J-hangers, U-bolts, riser clamps. B-Line Systems, PHD.

  • Filters

    Residential and industrial filtration systems. American Plumber, Cuno.

  • Hose

    Food Grade rubber and PVC, rubber washdown.

    Hose Clamps/Bands

    Band-It®, Punch-Lok®

  • Gaskets

    Flange Ring & Full Face non-asbestos, spiral wound, handhole & manhole, Tri-Clamp, I-line, bevel seat, and many more.

  • Packing

    Non-asbestos graphite and PTFE

  • Sight Glass

    Pyrex Red Line

    Flexible Connectors, Expansion Joints

    Stainless Steel braided, brass and rubber.

  • Pipe Joint Compounds

    Superseal, Rectoseal, GS600, Never Seez, X-Pando, PLS-2, PVC & CPVC cement & primer.

    Chemical& Lubricants

    Cutting Oils, Clear and dark, hand cleaners, boiler seal, leak detector, professional pipe drain cleaners.


    Lenox® blades & drills, pipe dies, cutters, threaders, taps, etc. Perfecto Products.

  • Miscellaneous

    Fasteners, solder, flux and acid brushes

  • Steam Traps

    Armstrong (inverted bucket traps, air vents, drainers, etc), Sarco TD’s , Hoffman F & T traps.

  • Hydronic Specialties

    Bell & Gossett 

  • Pump & Repair Parts

    Bell & Gossett booster pumps, Grundfos water circulating pump, multi-stage.

  • Boiler Controls, Low Water Cut-offs, Feeders, Flow Switches

    McDonnell Miller

  • Pressure Reducing & Regulating Valves

    Direct-acting for water or steam, Pilot operated pressure or temperature regulators.

    Watts, Sarco, Powers, and Armstrong.

  • Radiator Valves & Vents

    Hoffman, Honeywell Braukmann.

  • Gauge Valves/Cocks & Sight Glasses

    Conbraco, Penberthy, Pyrex Red-Line. 

    Suction Tees

    Watson McDaniel.

  • Washdown Stations

    Streamline Washdown Equipment, Superklean, Strahman.